Symmetric Strengthens Device Integrity for SVS VQI Registry

June 5, 2023

1 minute read

The Society for Vascular Surgery® Vascular Quality Initiative® (SVS VQI) collects important data from over 1,000 medical centers and hospitals to improve vascular care. However, they faced challenges in accurately capturing device information at the point of care. To solve this, SVS VQI partnered with Symmetric Health Solutions. This partnership allows SVS VQI to access reliable device information, ensuring patient safety and better clinical care.

The partnership has already shown positive results in the Peripheral Vascular Intervention (PVI) registry. The registry has captured over 35,000 devices, with a 257% increase in additional device attributes using Symmetric Health Solutions APIs compared to what is currently available in AccessGUDID. This eliminates manual maintenance, enhances patient safety, and opens up new research opportunities. The integration of Symmetric Health Solutions technology into SVS VQI’s platform provides real-time device data and improves decision making.

Our partnership with Symmetric Health Solutions and Fivos eliminates problems with missing data, such as device diameters and length, and better positions SVS VQI to show improvements in clinical quality related to vascular devices. We’re grateful for the advancements in vascular care, workflows, and patient safety that have resulted from this joint venture.
- Jens Eldrup-Jorgensen, MD - Medical director, SVS Patient Safety Organization

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