Terrie Reed, Former Senior Advisor to FDA, Joins Symmetric

June 8, 2020

2 minute read

We are thrilled to announce that Terrie Reed, the former Associate Director of Informatics at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), will be joining the Symmetric team as Director of Partner Relationships.

Terrie has spent the past decade advocating for a safer, better functioning medical device ecosystem. As Associate Director of Informatics, she managed the FDA's development of the Global Unique Device Identification Database (GUDID), the cornerstone of recent efforts to bring transparency to medical products. As part of GUDID’s development, she promoted unique device identifier (UDI) adoption among stakeholders ranging from health systems to manufacturers, distributors, researchers and patients.

These efforts have already enabled hospitals to efficiently track their medical products for the first time, such as scanning devices before implanting them in patients. As UDI adoption increases, further improvements in patient safety, post-market surveillance of medical devices, and device innovation are becoming possible. The GUDID is also serving as a basis for regulations globally, such as EUDAMED, the European Union's push to create a medical device database.

As Director of Partner Relationships at Symmetric, Terrie will drive engagement with policymakers, researchers, and standards organizations, while helping our hospital customers stay ahead of the latest government recommendations and mandates.

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