Lead Data Engineer

Symmetric Health Solutions is looking for a senior data engineer to help revolutionize healthcare supply chain data. This role will be responsible for architecting, designing, and implementing both improvements to our existing data processes and new processes going forward.

This role is responsible for:

  • Designing, implementing, deploying, and operating Symmetric's data pipelines and platforms
  • Writing the code for our pipelines, and reviewing the code of others
  • Prototyping and iterating tools for data review and validation by our domain experts
  • Determining our data roadmap and prioritizing tasks to create the best value/cost ratio possible
  • Analyzing our current and future data sets to aid the above prioritization
  • Leading our data team as the company becomes larger

We offer:

  • Competitive base compensation
  • Profit-sharing bonuses
  • 401k Match
  • Company-provided health insurance plans
  • US based remote role with scheduled team in-person meetings (currently on hold for COVID-19)
  • Close collaboration with our healthcare supply chain experts so you can become a domain expert yourself
  • Immediate impact on the roadmap and priorities so you can help define your own agenda

We are looking for:

  • 5+ years experience as a software engineer
  • 2+ years experience in data-based software engineering role
  • Ability to architect solutions on AWS, GCP, and/or other clouds and design for appropriate scales as our company grows
  • Strong experience with Python and SQL
  • Ability to add tests/validations for your data pipelining code
  • Some DevOps experience and the ability to operationalize the code you write (creating the developer experience, CI/CD, managing infrastructure to run the code, etc.)
  • The drive to take over project timelines and deliverables

Skills that would be nice to have:

  • Experience with natural language processing
  • Experience with web-scraping
  • Experience working with any Healthcare IT Infrastructure
  • Experience with supply chain IT or management

Additional requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in a technical field (sciences, engineering, etc.)
  • Authorized to work in the US


Send us a message with your resume and background