Tech Lead

Symmetric Health Solutions is looking for a senior software engineer to join the team! We are a fast-paced team revolutionizing healthcare supply chain data.

We offer:

  • Competitive compensation
  • Leadership opportunities as we grow the team (team leader, roadmap prioritization, etc.)
  • We are remote-first, so this would be a remote position with scheduled visits to our Pittsburgh HQ
  • Close collaboration with our healthcare supply chain experts so you can become a domain expert yourself
  • Immediate impact on the roadmap and priorities so you can help define your own agenda

We are looking for:

  • 5+ years experience as a developer
  • Ability to architect solutions on AWS, GCP, and/or other clouds and design for appropriate scales as our company grows
  • Comfort programming in multiple languages, and ability to use languages you haven’t used before (we use Python, Java, Kotlin, Javascript, Sass, Terraform, Bash, SQL, and expect this hire to be able to pick any of those up)
  • Ability to add tests for your code from unit tests (e.g. with JUnit or pytest) through automated acceptance tests (e.g. with Selenium)
  • Some DevOps experience and the ability to operationalize the code you write (including creating the developer experience, CI/CD, managing infrastructure to run the code, etc.)
  • Skill developing algorithms to get great insights into customer data in efficient ways
  • Some experience with data processing, for example, finding some significant insight from a set of raw data and putting this pipeline into an automated, production environment. We currently use Python-based tooling (Pandas, Scikit-Learn, etc.) with S3 and Postgres
  • Experience seeing a project through from defining requirements to completion. For example, creating a significant feature and rolling that feature out to production
  • A sense of responsibility and the ability to go the extra mile when needed to ensure a good customer experience
  • The drive to take over project timelines and deliverables

Skills that would be nice to have:

  • UI design experience
  • Experience working with any Healthcare IT Infrastructure
  • Experience with supply chain IT or management

Additional requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in a technical field (sciences, engineering, computer science, etc.)
  • US Resident


Send us a message with your resume and background