Making Supply Chain More Efficient

With the right analytics at the right time

When it comes to developing features for Symmetric, our philosophy is simple - everything is built around identifying opportunities for improvement. We believe that healthcare's supply chain is made better when data quality, software, and people are continuously improving.

Let us point you to the biggest savings opportunities

We transform your purchase history, contracts master, and item masters into reports you can act on immediately.

Product standardization tool

Load purchase history and get a standardization opportunity report you can review and share via print or online.

Contracted overspend tool

Load your contract and spend files to get a report on where you overspent as compared to contracts in order to go after vendor credits.

UOM optimization tool

Load your contract files to find UOM ordering changes with significant savings.

Vendor & category spend exploration tool

Load your purchase history and view a market share exploration tool with breakdowns of Vendors by UNSPSC category to better understand your spend.

Price benchmarking tool

Load your contracts and purchase history and see a benchmark of your contracts against public contract prices (for example, the VA) for use in sourcing initiatives.

Diverse Supplier Listing

Make sure you are getting the most from your reimbursements by having up-to-date information on your suppliers.

Master Data Management Framework and Enriched Virtual Data Sharing

You upload supplies files
Purchase orders, physician preference cards, contracts, item masters, etc...

We match them to GUDID
In minutes, we show you how we did, and give you control over the final approved matches.

Share or manage files
Collaborate with other departments via web-hosted (AWS) virtual item files.

Quickly research your files
Download what you need using powerful user navigation and easily find gaps in your data.

Save customized reports
Add over 300+ data points such as HCPCS, UNSPSC, descriptions, number of recalls, parent company.

The hunt for product information is over

With over 150 data points for medical devices alone, Symmetric Health Solutions brings a wealth of market information in one click.

Access a cleansed GUDID
We’ve translated, added, and corrected GUDID to make integrating into your current processes and systems seamless.

Identify Substitutes
Standardization, backorders, and contracting are labor intensive and difficult, we’ve done the analysis.

Multiple classification systems
Turn purchase orders or periodic inventory counts into targeted savings initiatives.

Deep Classification for any given search

The deepest medical device classification and hierarchy for both navigating through the millions of products on the market and downloading and classifying your item spend for value analysis and standardization efforts.

Our data has it all

By focusing on what's relevant to you, we can find and incorporate data from the best sources and present it to you in one, unified, useful interface.


Our Key Data Elements

Reviewed by industry data professionals.

Medical Devices

  • Device Substitutes / Cross references
  • 510(k) Predicate chain mappings
  • HCPCS Level II supply codes
  • UNSPSC supply codes
  • Packaging Strings
  • Detailed Long, Mid, and Short Descriptions
  • Implant, Surgical Instrument, and Bio-absorbable flags
  • All base GUDID fields including Sizes
  • Manufacturer M&A company mappings
  • VA Contract Number, Price & UOM and More.


  • Average Sales Price from Medicare Part B
  • VA Contract Base, Big4, and National Price
  • HCPCS J codes and reimbursement
  • EPC classifications
  • VA Contract Number, Price & UOM and More.

Our Database Sources

Updated daily!

Diverse Suppliers

  • Based on state-specific listings

Medical Devices

  • Based on Global Unique Device Identification Database(GUDID)
  • FDA Device Approvals from 510(k), Premarket approvals(PMA), Humanitarian device exemptions(HDE), Biologics(CBDR)
  • FDA Device Recalls and Adverse Events (MAUDE)
  • Veteran’s Affairs(VA) device and supplies contracts
  • Categorized devices by SNOMED CT ©, UNSPSC ©, HCPCS
  • Manufacturer published device crosswalks


  • Based on National Drug Codes(NDC)
  • Average Sales Price(ASP) from Medicare Part B
  • Veteran’s Affairs(VA) pharmaceuticals contracts
  • National Average Drug Acquisition Cost(NADAC)
  • NDC to HCPCS J codes crosswalk

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