Maintain medical supplies data easily

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Cleanse your item master

Whether an item add or full item master cleanse, we automatically match to your data and enrich it using hundreds of public data sources

Get the medical device attributes you care about most

A sample from Symmetric's 400+ attributes for medical devices.

Receive cleansed data conveniently

Choose the data integration that is best for your organization and workflow.

Symmetric Terminal

Use our self-service web application that includes powerful item upload, search and filtering capabilities.

One-way data feed

Send files to us and we’ll automatically match them, so you always have the latest cleansed item master waiting for you in the Symmetric Terminal.

Two-way data feed

A custom data feed so you can use our API to get our data where you need it, when you need it.

Classify your items with medical device nomenclatures

Our machine learning and natural language processing algorithms, combined with human review, mean fast and accurate code assignments.

Accurate UNSPSC, GMDN and EMDN assignment is critical for everyone -- whether that’s a government, hospital or manufacturer. That’s why we teamed up with the World Health Organization on a feasibility study to map the nomenclatures to one another.

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Scan items successfully

Whether at point-of-use or receipt, scan successfully with Symmetric’s industry leading 95% scan success rate.

Symmetric Visual Scan™ software solves the most common causes of scan failure

  • Historical and duplicate barcodes in circulation
  • Multiple barcode formats and multiple issuing agencies
  • Poor scan reads of packaging
  • Barcodes not in a standard regulatory format

Scan labels & barcodes

Scanners today try to read the barcode. When they can’t the scan fails. We capture the entire label.

Use existing hardware

Our Android-based software is optimized for the handhelds most common in hospitals today.

Receive images of scans

Look up the image of any product label you scanned to quickly understand why it scanned the way it did.