Mapping the healthcare supply chain

Analyze, enrich, and gain actionable insights on your medical device & pharmaceutical data in minutes with our up-to-date online data platform.

Healthcare provider challenges we solve:

  • GUDID Transition & Upkeep
  • Item Master Enrichment
  • Back-Order Substitutes
  • Value Analysis Standardization
  • Purchase Order Spend Classification
  • Device Recalls & Adverse Events

More than one way to improve the bottom line

Give your team instant access to the most complete intelligence needed to operate more efficiently, shorten project timelines, and increase patient safety with Symmetric’s web-based software for searching, reporting, and analyzing medical device and drug information.

Data Cleansing

Transition to GUDID faster. Give analysts more time to analyze with access to a cleansed unique device identification dataset.

Value/Spend Analysis

Supercharge standardization initiatives with substitutes and category comparison of medical devices.

Data Management

Manage your item and contract masters in one place. Download upload-ready supply master files for your EHR.

Patient Safety

Research historical adverse events and recalls for devices. Ensure supplies are FDA approved.

Operations Optimization

Reduce operations errors on EDI, purchasing, invoicing, receiving, and materials management. Find alternates during backorders.

Revenue Integrity

Validate HCPCS Level II supply coding accuracy and look-up information for one-time charges.

Complete market research and review made simple

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